What is a preplan?

Is a document about a building or structure that contains all the information that "first responders" (Fire, Police, Emergency Mgmt. staff, etc.) would utilize if an incident were to arise at that location. The document contains information such as building size, number of floors, how the building is constructed, what materials were used during the construction of the building, how many occupants are in the building typically and where any hazardous materials are located. Along with room identification, fire protection features, and utility shutoffs.

Businesses that have hazardous materials on site are required to file a layout (preplan) with the State, county or city for which it resides in. High occupancy facilities may also be required to have document in place for emergency situations (hospitals, schools, etc.).

As we move into the "electronic age" the days of retaining preplan documents in large 3-ring notebooks is soon coming to an end. As computers and software programs become so precise, preplan documentation, once difficult to keep paper version current and available, now can be displayed on a computer desktops, lap tops or other electronic devices. Additional information, such as photos, videos, graphics along with a preplan can be accessible via the computer.

Since the events of 911, fire departments have to prepare differently before and emergency arises. Well planned out "tactics" for such events, along with accurate mapping / preplanning is essential in today’s society for "First Responders".

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