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Why use The Preplanners?

Since the events of 911, Fire Departments have to prepare differently before an emergency arises. Well planned out "tactics" for such events, along with accurate mapping / preplanning is essential in today’s society for "first responders"
Our Services

Preplanning: Our preplan services include converting your existing preplans to a mobile digital format. These drawing files may be down loaded to a laptop, tablet or other electronic devices used by first responders or safety personnel. If your organization currently does not have preplan maps, The Preplanners can design & produce all your preplan maps to fit your needs.

Preplan Training: There is an array of information that can be placed on a preplan map. Let us show you "how to" gather, organize and process your information effectively. We offer training to you & your staff on how to effectively use a Site Survey Inspection form.

Site Survey Inspection Form: This Site Survey Inspection form would be used by your personnel/staff to collect, document and record the information used in the creation of preplan maps. We can help you design a site survey form that will fit your particular needs. A complete and accurate survey form is the key to an effective preplan.

Digitizing Service: As we move into the "electronic age", there is a need to convert paper documents into an electronic format. As draftsmen, we can provide "basic" digitizing of your documents and convert them into CAD (.DWG) files. Example: CAD files for tenant improvements (TI’s), which may be, required for building department submittals.

Our main focus is on first responders (police, firefighters, emergency medical staff, etc.) however we also offer our services to private industry and small business.

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